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Honey City Promotion Video
08' 33'', color, stereo, language: Japanese
concept, edit, graphic: GUP-py

Über das Video
Die Sehenswürdigkeit der Stadt Honey City, am Rand einer Megalopolis, ist die nächtliche Stadtansicht: alle Fenster der Hochhäuser dieser Stadt leuchten im Farbton des Honigs, wodurch die Stadt zur riesigen Lichtinstallation wird.
Die Einwohner von Honey City werden durch den Stress ihrer täglichen Arbeit in der Großstadt belastet. Nachdem sie aber abends nach der Arbeit nach Hause in die Honey City zurückgekommen sind, schalten sie das Licht ihrer Wohnung aus und stattdessen den Fernseher an. Auf dem Monitor läuft das Fernsehprogramm von GUP-py, das die verschiedenen Farbtöne des Honigs als endlose Wiederholung zeigt. Es ist eine Art Farb- und Lichttherapie, welche die Einwohner dieser Stadt vom Stress erholt. Da in allen Wohnungen dieses Fernsehprogramm gesehen wird, leuchtet die Stadt in der Honigfarbe, wie das Video »Honey City – Vision einer idealen Stadt« zeigt.

To meet the needs of urban development and overpopulation, new highrise apartments will be constructed consecutively. Life in such a highrise apartment is strenuous.
Wouldn’t you like to bid farewell to such a life and become a resident of the ideal city »Honey City«? Relax from the stress and demands of the day and bring your lost leisure back home.
»Honey City« makes this possible. Centrally located, this city seems during the day to be nothing more than your average highrise development; but at night it transforms itself into a city of culture. In every apartment of the city you may view »Moving Honey«, a television film program of high artistic value. You have only to turn on the tv to enjoy the fantastic, visionary world with the honey-colored light and to invigorate yourself for the day to come.

During the daytime the inhabitants of the city were on the verge of suffocating.
From the window of the highrise apartment in which I was staying, I saw similar highrises standing infinitely packed against one another. At the city’s periphery, where a mountain rose up, new buildings, wearing cranes on their heads, pushed and shoved.
Does the city want to expand so far?
In this land, the subtropical plants grew wild and vitally even in the big city. I had the impression that they were the symbol of life energy for the megalopolis. After traversing the hot and humid city the whole day long, I purchased well cooled mango and coconut juices at a kiosk, which refreshed me amazingly well.
A while after sunset I cast a glimpse through my window and held my breath.
It was a totally other world.
In the night the city shone in the color of honey. Every single window of the highrises in the whole city beamed orange-colored, suddenly the color changed to a red-tone, then all the windows became bright white or also completely dark. Through a window of a neighboring building I could see that before the curtainless window stood a television set, and that this was the source of the honey color.
With this as my example, I turned out the light of my room and the television on.

Darken your room.
In the darkness the room can free itself from the form which you know from memory. You will believe that you are no longer in that particular room, but rather simply in a dark room. Now you can turn on the TV. The monitor begins to radiate honey colors and shows the shortfilm series »Moving Honey«. Your room transforms itself into a movie theater! These films comprise the standard TV program of »Honey City«. »Moving Honey« is an innovative system which enables exhibitions of contemporary art to be seen at home in the format of numerous short films.
Five seconds after the announcement of a show’s title and a preview segment is played, the exhibit itself appears on the monitor as a short film of 5 seconds length. Immediately thereafter comes the announcement of the next show, and so on.
With this system you economize your valuable time, in that you are more than just informed about the exhibition; you also don’t have to drive to the exhibition space.

(translated by Alisa Kotmair)


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